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“We are fortunate to have the Colorado Literacy and Learning Center here in Colorado. They have the highest level of professionals working with children. They are very knowledgeable and experienced in the evaluation and treatment of children with dyslexia. My patients have definitely benefited from access to the expertise and experience of the dedicated personnel at The Colorado Literacy and Learning Center.”

   - Lawrence C. Wang, M.D.

     Pediatric Neurologist

"Thank you for class today. Every time I leave our group I feel inspired but overwhelmed by the work that needs to done in our field." 

     - Heather, Teacher

"I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see my daughter want to pick up a book and read it for 15 minutes! The new ability she has gained in deciphering words has opened a door for her that we previously were not able to penetrate. Thank You!"

     – Lisa, Parent

"After years of frustration we’ve finally found something that works! (And we tried a lot of different things). Matthew used to tell us he wanted to read at bedtime like the rest of us (Mom, Dad, sister). Now he reads to all of us at bedtime."

     – Jennifer, Parent


"I don’t like being carsick, but I hate to stop reading in the car." 

     - Matthew, age 9

"Our daughter was able to progress from below grade level to near the top of her class after only four months of therapy thanks to the intense work of her Dyslexia Therapist at The Dyslexia Center. Our family’s concern and frustration have been replaced by great joy and hope for her future!" 

     – Ken and Michele, Parents

"It's been about 6 years since you saw my daughter.  Through you, I was able to get with a CALT.  My daughter now is a Jr.  I wanted to let you know that she was just accepted into the National Honor Society. Thank you for everything you do!" 

     – JP, Parent

I become emotional about reading when I envision my students who struggle to read. As teachers, we can’t (and maybe shouldn’t) diagnose dyslexia. But we do diagnose students. We diagnose students as “lazy.” We diagnose students as “just delayed.” We diagnose students as “just ADHD.” We diagnose students as “just stubborn and don’t want to read.” We diagnose students as “just stupid.” We diagnose students as “just not making the right choices.” We do diagnose students. We need the knowledge to do it correctly!

     - Paula, Teacher

"I wanted to pass along that the Law School Admissions Council approved my accommodation request for 50% extra time to take the December LSAT. Accommodations were granted on the first attempt, and no appeal was necessary....I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and patience during my testing, the follow up explanation, and the necessary paperwork regarding my dyslexia diagnosis and accommodations request." 

     -Taylor, Student

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