Janie, Teacher

This is just a quick note to let you know how much I am loving teaching this class! It is such a joy to see these children take hold. Their confidence is already blossoming! I had parent/teacher conferences last night and will again tonight. It is so fun to hear the parents talk about how their kids are changing right before their eyes! 

Heather, Teacher

Thank you for class today. Every time I leave our group I feel inspired but overwhelmed by the work that needs to done in our field. 

Paula, Teacher

I become emotional about reading when I envision my students who struggle to read. As teachers, we can’t (and maybe shouldn’t) diagnose dyslexia. But we do diagnose students. We diagnose students as “lazy.” We diagnose students as “just delayed.” We diagnose students as “just ADHD.” We diagnose students as “just stubborn and don’t want to read.” We diagnose students as “just stupid.” We diagnose students as “just not making the right choices.” We do diagnose students. We need the knowledge to do it correctly!

Candace, Teacher

Thanks for sitting down with me and explaining when to use each new spelling situation.  I went through all the teachers manuals and wrote down when to introduce each new spelling situation, each new vowel theme song and each new syllable division rule.  (I made a note with each lesson.) 

Thanks, for being so helpful and willing to answer all my questions.  I really appreciate all 3 of you for that!  Today I sat down for hours and reorganized all my papers, notes, observations, articles, etc.  I am determined to learn this method thoroughly. I've already learned so much, and am so thankful to be helping my tutoring students.  When I was at ----, we didn't learn half of what I've already learned through this program.  I'm so appreciative for all of you!


I can't tell you how encouraged I was at the recent "The Tipping Point - Literacy Excellence" class at the Rocky Mountain Branch IDA conference. I'm back attempting to get a master's. In my current class, I'm appalled that out of 16 colleagues (some classroom teachers & some reading specialists) and the class instructor, no one understands or knows about dyslexia! Thank you so much for all of your help. Your testimony of helping get the word out about what dyslexia is and how it affects our children is so inspiring. I also want to do my part to educate.  

Parents and Students:

In the past eleven months, I have watched Baylor transform into a confident reader, and I have watched her enthusiasm for learning increase exponentially. I am witnessing first hand the stress level that used to accompany school days and homework diminish. – Trish


I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see my daughter want to pick up a book and read it for 15 minutes! The new ability she has gained in deciphering words has opened a door for her that we previously were not able to penetrate. Thank You! – Lisa


After years of frustration we’ve finally found something that works! (And we tried alot of different things). Matthew used to tell us he wanted to read at bedtime like the rest of us (Mom, Dad, sister). Now he reads to all of us at bedtime. – Jennifer


I don’t like being carsick, but I hate to stop reading in the car. – Matthew, age 9


Our daughter was able to progress from below grade level to near the top of her class after only four months of therapy thanks to the intense work of her Dyslexia Therapist at The Dyslexia Center. Our family’s concern and frustration have been replaced by great joy and hope for her future! – Ken and Michele


We feel very fortunate to have found The Dyslexia Center! We plan to finish out the program. We are so proud of our daughter and she is starting to regain some of her self-confidence back. Her teacher has been wonderful! And she has helped us out with communicating our daughter’s needs with her school. We are very happy with the successes we have had. – Steve and Marlene

We consider the time and financial commitment in the training that [Madeline] has received at The Dyslexia Center to be one of the most valuable investments we could ever make. There is nothing more important than equipping a student with the skills they need to achieve their goals – Alice


The changes in Jeremy have been wonderful. To see him sit down and want to do school work makes me so proud. Jeremy has been through IEP’s, tutors and special classes; nothing seemed to work like The Dyslexia Center does. In just eight weeks the changes have been outstanding. I think that with The Dyslexia Center’s help my son will enjoy reading one day as much as I do. –  Kelley

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