The Literacy Intervention Specialist Certification Program (LISCP) is an intensive training program for individuals seeking to learn the most effective, research-based strategies of remediation in reading and written-language skills. LISCP provides a two year, in-depth training for teachers and therapists working with individuals with literacy challenges, with a focus on dyslexia and related disorders. 


LISCP is accredited by the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) and the International Dyslexia Association (IDA).  Individuals completing coursework and sufficient teaching hours and observations may be approved to register and sit for the Academic Language Therapy Association (ALTA) Competency exam. Upon completion of classroom instruction, demonstration lessons, supervised clinical experience, and successful completion of the Competency exam, an individual may earn professional membership status as a Certified Academic Language Practitioner (CALP) or, after sufficient clinical teaching hours, a Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT).

Coursework includes instruction in Take Flight: A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia, an Orton-Gillingham research-based and validated curriculum from the Luke Waites Center for Dyslexia at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.  A READ Act approved curriculum, trainees will gain understanding in:

  • Structures of written English based upon the science of literacy and linguistics

  • Instructional strategies and methods (simultaneous, multisensory, systematic, cumulative, direct instruction, diagnostic teaching, synthetic, and analytic instruction)

  • Progress monitoring for accuracy and fluency

  • Dyslexia, related written-language disorders, and identification of specific learning differences

  • Graduate credit is available for coursework in all locations. 











LISCP Enrollment Requirements

A bachelor’s degree, letter of intent, two letters of recommendation, and attendance at an informational session are required to enroll.

LISCP Informational Sessions
Before enrolling, all interested teachers must attend an informational session. Teleconference accommodations may be provided to those unable to attend in person. The session will detail the Literacy Intervention Specialist Certification Program’s curriculum and course requirements as well as national certification eligibility from ALTA once the course is completed.

Registration for the Fall 2020 Cohort is now open!

View the Informational Packet and Registration Form

To register, please submit a completed registration form and additional documents to:

Registration & deposit due October 16th. Class begins November 6th.


"Year 1" (18 months):

Introductory Reading Intervention

  •  Nov. 2020-April 2021 - Science of Reading

  • June 7-12 and August 27-28, 2021 - Introduction to Reading Intervention

  • 5 Saturday Seminars throughout 2021-2022


Year 2:

Advanced Reading Intervention

  • July 8-11, 2020

  • 5 Seminars TBD throughout 2020-2021

District 20 Cohort 

CLLC is also supporting D20's initiatives to meet the needs of students with characteristics of dyslexia, by training nine (9) D20 teachers to be therapists. If you are a D20 teacher and interested in this program, please contact or

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